About Us

SolaDesign Systems is the industry leader in designing, supplying and installing premier daylight harvesting, lighting control and solar thermal technologies.

SolaDesign has assembled a multidisciplinary team of professionals, with over 60 years combined experience. Our controlled day-lighting systems will help you manage and reduce energy costs. The lighting controls we offer create an automated energy savings system. Other proven benefits include increased productivity and morale, decreased absenteeism, improved speed of learning and test scores, and increased health and general sense of well being in building occupants. The solar thermal systems provide up to 80% of your hot water needs for residential and commercial buildings.

Both systems produce a rapid payback for your initial investment. SolaDesign can also help you to determine available incentives for your project.

Our commitment to understanding our clients’ needs and meeting them with unequaled quality in design and installation are what sets us apart. Contact SolaDesign for a consultation so that you too can experience how a controlled day-lighting or solar thermal system will affect you and your bottom line.

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